Feel as though you are flat-lining?

April 19, 2017

Well it seems to me that when you change the way you use your body, life changes……for a time.  Anything new becomes old over time.  It really does not matter what it is.  Any big change to your life, once repeated about 1000 times becomes normal.  Wow who would have thought that jumping with excitement would become like breathing or riding a bike.  That it would become normal to be excited every day. How amazing is that?  looking back over the last 18 months of my life have been like a dream.

Life has changed more dramatically than ever before in my life.  It really is such an unusual thing to have happen in my life.  It really is incredible that I have helped so many people and given so much of myself to others.  Furthermore the consistency of focus on the things that matter most in life has been incredible.

Now it is time to move to the next level, as each of us must continue to grow.  I must continually progress, and therefore I have made some extra goals and decisions this year.  I have increased the difficulty for myself regarding my morning routine, however it is still only 2 hours.  Instead of increasing the time, I have increased the intensity and added more in.  I also have been doing it every day.

Consistently doing these things over and over, each and every day builds such great momentum in life.  I really feel like I have intensified my integrity, and increased my capacity.


I have learned how to make something a must.  I have given myself full over to the process of transformation in my morning ritual. Making this a must, has given me the confidence and the ability to decide what I really want in life and then to turn a hope, or dream into a total conviction.  I have learned the process of turning any should into a must.  It is really not that hard when you know how.

To conquer any obstacle one must either shrink the obstacle, or outgrow it.  The third option is to do both and I believe this to be the most powerful way to overcome anything.  Then we consistently do that which we plan to do for as long as it takes.  I don’t know how long that is.  Therefore I just plan to do it forever.

When I become unconsciously competent at that thing and move into the state of flow, at that point I will be truly happy and that which was once difficult will become easy.  My karate instructor would say, “everything is hard, until its easy”.

Therefore do the hard things, until they are easy.  Focus on health, until it is easy to exercise consistently and eat great food.  Focus on the relationship until it is easy to consistently look after the needs of your husband, wife or significant other.  Focus on your career until your financial success is assured and you have the tools and skills of saving and investing, and building your treasure chest is an unconscious act. Focus on the needs of the spirit until it becomes a natural part of your life.

I have learned that doing these consistently and focusing on all of these things brings so much joy, happiness and fulfillment in life.

Therefore do not slacken your strength.  Wake up.  Stand up.  Do that which is difficult and become proficient at it all.  Then seek to master it all.  We all struggle at times.  Keep going even in tough times.  Reset yourself and double your effort.  When you feel like giving up, do more.

I change it every third month.  I spend 2 months focused on the health of the body, then 2 months on relationships, then 2 months on finances and then 2 months on spirituality.  I focus on all of these things every day however I prepare small workshops on these topics and this helps me to truly focus my energy on these areas of life.  It is an amazing thing to me, how being there for others, really helps me to improve the quality of my own life.   When we contribute to others, through service and giving, we bring fulfillment into our own lives.  This is why I love what I do.

If you feel like you are flat-lining just get out and serve.  Contribute to the world around you in a meaningful way and I promise that this will bring happiness, excitement and fulfillment into your life.

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