What if?

Today I thought about attending Tony Robbins seminar next month (Date with Destiny May 21-26, Gold Coast 2017), and considered that I was given the floor for a period of time.  I imagined myself in front of a thousand people teaching and instructing with a confidence and energy that I have never before exhibited.  It was an exhilarating thought and one that got me excited. I began to do my power move and get the adrenaline pumping through my body.  This brought into my mind and body a rush of ecstasy. I do this daily.  I jump, do my power move and get excited every day at least twice.  This has created for me such exhilaration any time I need it. I then needed to help my son who was sick with a sore throat. He is better now.

honesty , Imagination , success / April 13, 2017

Advertisers have spent years understanding the relationship between sex and the functions of the brain. Sex is tied to our primal instincts and is a function of the lizard brain. Many are not aware at we have three brains, not just one. There is the lizard brain or the paleo cortex, the mammalian brain, and the new brain or Neo cortex. Sexually stimulating pictures, stories and sounds affect the mind in a huge way. The lizard brain is located at the tip of the spine. It is directly connected to the nervous system of the body. This is why when a person is sexually stimulated there are very intense feelings that permeate the body. Even if the body is not moving and you are in a resting position, when exposed to sexually stimulating material the heart rate will accelerate, adrenaline can enter the body and tiredness can be dispelled. Advertisers are aware that by exposing men to sexual images and provocative sounds, feelings of excitement, adrenaline and euphoria are created. In this way, they are able to link those feelings to their product or service. The unconscious mind may falsely associate the product or service being advertised, to the stimulated…

Be sure your ladder of success is against the right wall.
Confidence , Example , honesty , Influence , Life , Life Choices , money , Purpose , success , value / February 19, 2017

I recently read a quote from Albert Einstein that said, “Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value”.  As I have considered this thought I comprehended that success does not come by focusing on success.  Many people believe that income or wealth is the predominant measure of success.  It is true that financial mastery is a measure of success, however there are many who are successful, or feel successful regardless of their level of wealth.  After all, financial well-being is only one aspect of life.  Therefore if one is successful in their finances, it is folly to automatically assume that this person is successful. Success in one’s career, does not translate to success in life.  I have learned that money, relationships, health and purpose all play a role, and collectively contribute to happiness and success.  If a wealthy person is unhappy the reason may be that they had leaned their ladder of success against the wrong wall.  The rich suffer from anxiety, just like middle class and the poor.  The rich suffer from depression, just like the middle class and the poor.  This is because happiness is based on values, and if you focus on…

Money and honesty.
Breathing Life , honesty , Influence , Life , Life Choices / January 10, 2017

I have been contemplating a course of behaviour that is not sitting well with me. I can pretend the situation does not exist and yet In The final analysis it is a real situation and it does exist.  Insurance fraud is a concern in our country and making false claims is against the law.  On the other side of the argument is the practices that exists with insurance companies, and their assessment processes.  As I converse with others it is evident that having a claim make it all the way through the claims process can be a nightmare. There is often technical differences from the insurance company itself.  For example one man stated that he took out insurance on a new car and paid this extra cost for peace of mind.   Within 3 months some major things happened that led to a fault within the engine of the car.  He then contacted his insurance and they refused to help.  He expressed to me that insurance gave him false peace of mind, and yet he has discovered now that the insurance he took out had no value for that situation.  He expressed to me that he is currently going through…

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