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November 4, 2015

Everyone has a purpose in life and everyone contributes to the world in some way.  We all have talents and abilities.  We all have something unique to us, and as I have developed myself in the area of personal development I have come to discover that I have a talent.  I was gifted with the ability to “breathe life” and this was made evident as I discovered my incredible self.

This year I was the MC of several functions.  After one of these functions an entertainment scout approached me and asked me if I would like to work in the entertainment industry.

After another function I was told by several people that they had never seen anything like that ever. They were referring to my ability to not only communicate, but take the energy that I created onto the dance floor.  The success of this function was such that after the event people did not want to leave.  They wanted to stay and enjoy the tremendous feelings created by the function and the night.

After another function I was blown away by the generosity of the comments, and the love of the audience.  I was appreciative of their recognition of how I presented on this occasion.  I also assisted in the running of a live auction, and this was the first live auction that I have ever done.

All of these functions and others I have been involved with this year.  This year has been tremendous and I learned a great deal about myself and my ability to move an individual, and an audience.

This blog is called ‘breathing life’, as this is what I do.  This is not just sometimes, it is always.  I look for, seek out and enjoy lifting, helping, sharing and creating new possibilities in other people.

In this blog ‘Breathing Life’ I will tell of stories and situations that appear in my world in which I am able to improve the quality of life for another person.

I know when this occurs due to my sensory acuity.  When I witness a shift in a person, and know that they have received new insights and understandings, it is a beautiful thing.

Just over the last month I have daily experiences with this.  90% of the work that I currently do with other people is unpaid.  Why then would I do this?  Why would I not demand payment?

Well, the work that I do with other people has been wonderful and meaningful for them.  This service to mankind is rewarding in at least two ways.  First, it just feels really good to assist someone to have a breakthrough in their life.  The reward of renewed energy and vitality from serving in this way is tremendous.  Second, those whom are around me have been drawn to me and have assisted me in so many ways, that I could never adequately repay them.

Communicating with influence is a seminar course that I offer.  My experience of this is evident in the creation of Access World Seminars.

I have a manager, entrepreneur, creative component and a group of people around me ready to assist.  Furthermore these people are willing to work, and give of their time, talents and energy for little or no money.

This is ‘true influence’.

This is the greatest result of my willingness to assist and help others to achieve all of their goals and dreams.

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