Priming – starting the day with excitement

November 6, 2016

Why do I prime?

Firstly I have a believing heart, and I have been told in the past by one I would consider wise that certain actions produce certain results. That seems very evident and almost third grade. When I hear a statement like this from one who is wealthy, happy, content and fulfilled, then I will listen and then model what they themselves have done.
I attended an event in September 2015 with Tony Robbins. The event was unbelievable for me. I used so much energy as I really wanted to get an extreme amount out of the event. Therefore my investment was tremendous. I really do not think I have ever invested so much effort and energy to one event ever in my life. Considering my diet, I amazed myself and others in the auditorium. Others appreciated the level of energy that I displayed. Prior to the event I read the words to the effect, “one can be excited for a day or a week, but to be excited for 20 years will give you the life of your dreams”.
I read this quote and immediately thought to myself. “Impossible”. I thought about the emotions that I experienced regularly. I thought about the lack of intense emotion in my life and considered that excitement is an intense emotion. I thought to myself “there is no possible way that a person could be excited for 20 years straight”. Mind you I was also practical in my thinking. Nobody could be excited while resting or sleeping. Nobody could remain excited throughout the whole day.
When I attended the seminar I broke through some of my personal limiting beliefs and gained a level of mastery over my emotions. I mean muscle soreness, fatigue, emotional involvement and energetic drive. Yet I keep going until my vocal chords were warn, and my body ached. It felt really great to push myself to that level, and to get myself into what he called a “peak state”.
It was then that I recognised that it is not to feel excitement every moment of the day, however to let yourself feel excited every day. This made sense, and at the seminar it felt fantastic.
I then left the event and I was feeling phenomenal. Lost 12 kg in 5 weeks, was focusing on my food consumption, relationship with my wife was fantastic, I felt tremendous changes happening inside my body.
Yet there was a point about 4 weeks after the seminar where I felt lost. I felt like the excitement and enthusiasm that had been generated at the event had left. Therefore what I did was begin researching Tony Robbins on YouTube and web sites.
I wanted to learn how to keep the excitement alive. This is when I really learned about priming. I began to piece together his morning routine so that I could begin doing the same routine.
Once I had learned the pieces, combined with some of my own bits, I put it all together into a 2 hour ritual. This became something that I did every morning.
I can honestly say that I have spent the last 12 months in excitement. I haven’t felt excitement every minute of the day, yet ever day I feel excitement in my body. Every day I feel a level of energy that I have never experience before. It has been such an amazing journey. One of the exercises in my priming process is to jump with excitement and joy. I also yell and move my arms violently. (I have been told it is a little scary).
I was contacted by success resources and was told that most people have their energy reduce considerably over time after the Tony Robbins event. I explained that the opposite was happening to me at that time. I was growing more excited with each passing day. I was becoming an “excitement specialist”.
I mentioned this to my life coach and he liked the name, telling me that there currently are not any “excitement specialist”.
This was very encouraging and therefore I continued being excited. I continued sharing what I was learning and doing with others. It was incredible.
Now, I would love to share what I have done with others. Once again, this is not mine. I am simply modelling others who are very famous, and highly successful. Now that I have developed habits around ‘priming’ it is becoming part of my character. I am now in a position in which I can teach others to do the same and produce magnificent success in their own lives. Come and see what is possible for you.
I have invited others to come ‘prime’ with me, and I have learned that it is difficult for most people to do, and especially difficult to do consistently. To all people I ask, ‘what is success, fulfillment, and daily excitement worth to you and your life’.
Having now effectively primed for 12 months has given me such an ‘edge’ in my life that it is unbelievable. Priming has affected my occupation in profound ways. It has affected my desire to serve and help others. It has affected my relationship with my wife that is stronger now than it has ever been. It has affected my body. I broke 2 ‘personal best performances’ just last week. It has affected my relationship with my creator and inspiration has flowed into my life consistently over this period. Emotionally I am the strongest and most resilient I have ever been. I have written more blogs than ever before in my life. The thing that I have done in the last 12 months seem unbelievable. I have helped more than a hundred people overcome a physical pain, a limited belief, laziness or other resistors. I am so filled with gratitude for being able to help others. My favorite thing in this world is to see the face of another human being ‘light up’. I use my sensory acuity to look for the ‘shifts’ that occur in the face of anyone I converse with, teach, or life coach.
Of everything that I have done in life, ‘priming’ has had the biggest impact by far. If you want to see some small changes, ‘prime’ for 10, 20, or 30 minutes a day. If you want mammoth changes and paradigm shifts happen in your psychology, then I recommend 2 hours of ‘priming’. Don’t muck around. ‘Hit a home run’ EVERY TIME.

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