Mastering Appetite

January 16, 2016

In a previous Blog I explained that I spent some time with a woman who was struggling with a long-term weight issue.  She was not mastering appetite like she wanted to in her life.

“Hi Josh after the work we did last Sunday I have had a fantastic week. My husband & I are getting along really well and our relationship is very positive.  Another thing that has happened is that my time with my son and our relationship has improved our favorite time of the day is bath time and reading time we love to cuddle up with a good book:) also I have gone to my boss and increased my hours of work because I know I can do it and I do love it!

Food is no longer an issue for me I don’t have cravings anymore and I feel free and know that my body wants the best foods for me. I have been looking at food differently as medicine that can either harm or heal so I’m choosing to eat healing foods. My emotions have been more even and I recognize and can stop unwanted emotions and can create new emotions in their place. This has been great as a wife a mother and as a childcare educator”.

Often people wonder how one session can really make a difference.  Well, it does.  I am very humbled by the fact that lives are changing for the better and those who may have felt stuck or helpless are accessing resources inside themselves that they were unaware of.  The greatest surprise to myself and others is the fact that focusing on one area or aspect of a person’s life, such as physical health, can have a huge impact on relationship goals and career aspirations.

It really all comes down to  how a person think and feel about “their self”, or their self-image.  I used several processes to have this woman tap into her “incredible self”.  This week she is acting differently, because she is different.  The changes that she has experienced happened very rapidly once she believed in her unconscious mind that she was amazing.  One she believed that she is “amazing”, change was rapid, and this week is an example of her unleashing herself on the world.

While you may agree that believing in yourself is imperative for success, you may wonder how she was able to subdue her doubts and fears.  All it took was a little bit of curiosity, a little bit of time, a little bit of focus and the magic happened.


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