I am living my purpose in life

On the 31st I had my first introductory seminar for Access World Seminars.  I had put in tremendous effort and was very prepared for the seminar.  In the morning I began in my usual way of doing some breathing exercises, visualising light going into my body and giving gratitude. As I sat down for breakfast I felt a spiritual feeling go all the way through my body as I thought about the introduction seminar.  I really feel blessed and grateful to be able to share information that has had a huge impact on my life.  I also feel that I am living my purpose in life, and I believe that there is nothing better in life than to live each day striving to fulfil that purpose.

Example can have a profound effect on others

In 2010 I looked at my stomach and thought it was time to regain my 6 pack abs.  I worked out like crazy and certainly this made a little difference however that little podgy belly continued to hang on.  I was 34 years old and thought to myself that this stomach was there to stay.  After many hours of exercises I realised that there was really nothing more coming off my stomach so I gave up, accepting that I would always have a fat belly.  After all I was heading toward my mid to late 30’s and how could I possibly have the fitness levels, or physique that I had as a younger man. Resigned to this fact I gave up on working out and slimness and instead began to bulk.  I decided to do weight lifting and to put on some muscle and size.  I greatly increased my food intake.  After doing this for a couple of years I had increased the size of my arms, chest and back considerably.  I also increased the size of my belly.  Then I got an injury on my right bicep and was unable to train for a time. I felt tired and…

Use your Imagination
Breathing Life , Imagination , Life , Possibilities / November 5, 2015

I have two young boys. They are tremendous. Today after playing JENGA (block game), for about half an hour we decided to play super heroes. The tremendous thing about young boys is they don’t need much help in using their imagination. We all pretended that each of us was a superhero. Then I told a story about a ‘demon wolf’, a ‘monster’, ‘alien’ or other creature that was attacking us. We played this game for at least half an hour, so there were many different ‘bad guys’, and many different scenarios. I told the story first and then each of us acted out our parts. In the end we achieved victory and gave each other high fives and handshakes congratulating each other on being able to save the world once again. It really does feel good to save the world. Let me ask you. When did you last use your imagination in this way? I spent this time with my boys and I wondered what I have taught them. Often they are in competition and fight each other. In this game we used our imaginations and worked together. Unity, teamwork and fun all in our imagination. If you want to…

Unlock the confidence within

Today I had a conversation with a man who was extremely intelligent. His mind is so full of information. He presents well and is doing well in his life and in his family. He is a father and was telling me about himself. He informed me that once he wanted to be a speaker, and realised that he was unable to do this because he lacked confidence. As he was speaking his shoulders rolled forward and I observed this occurring. I asked him if he was confident in his life, and to think about a time he was really confident. He could not think of any right away. I asked if he was confident about being a good father. (He had told me previously that he had a great relationship with his children). To this he answered yes. After several minutes of conversation about other topics he told me how he works with young people, and that he has been trying to teach these young people about how to develop confidence. He told me that he believed that if he could get them to develop confidence then they could take control of their lives. I was very interested about what…

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