The true value of Seminars.

September 3, 2017

When I was 14 years old I had a stuttering issue.  I found it very difficult to communicate, especially in large groups.  The worst letters for me were W’s and R’s. I found this to be huge hurdle that was inhibiting my ability to make friends, enjoy social settings and enjoy the experience of being a teenager.

It was around this time that I participated in my first seminar.  It was a 4 day seminar that ran for long hours.  During this seminar I learned about affirmations and the power of the mind.  After this seminar I decided that I had the power to control my mind and speech by repeating the affirmation, “I speak clearly and well”. Each time I found myself with in group of people and felt that I had something to contribute I repeated the words in my mind, “I speak clearly and well”.  I would then speak, and unfortunately much of the time my words would come out wrong. I would stutter and stammer and trip over the words. Often I was annoyed or frustrated at the inability I had to manage and control my tongue. Often I was frustrated with myself and would repeat negative things over and over concerning my limitations and failure.  This negative self talk was in direct opposition to the positive affirmations that I was saying.   I would say things to myself that were less than kind, and I noticed that these things created negative feelings in my body. The auditory digital component of my mind was at war with the new self image that I set up in the seminar, and was wanting to establish as the ‘new me’.

This is where the rubber hit the road.  While the seminar showed me what was possible it was up to me to turn this possibility into a reality.  I persisted.  I continues to say the words in my mind “I speak clearly and well”. Little by little this became my reality. Little by little the stuttering subsided.  At the time I thought that I was just simply overcoming a stutter, yet later, much later I reaslised that I was doing something greater.  I was establishing a new pattern.  This pattern fuelled my belief that I could overcome and challenge,  rise above any obstacle and conquer any foe.  This process took about two years and after that time my stutter was almost completely gone.  It would only show up occasionally and then one day it was gone. I continue to this day to reaffirm this affirmation. When I think of the words “I speak clearly and well”, I remember this victory, and consider this one of the biggest turning points in my life. I still reinforce this phrase, and today I am not afraid to stuttering, rather when I speak I desire to touch move and inspire others.  It is my desire to show others that a stuttering youth, can become a teacher and seminar leader, and use his gift in a way that builds up the confidence of others to rise above their own weaknesses and challenges. My mission is to serve others by imparting knowledge, healing and conviction to others so that they too can experience the great change that I have felt.

There has been a tremendous transformation that has happened between then and now, and the result is that communication and speaking has become a love and a passion.  I realised in 2015 that if I was going to be really successful in life, communication was the key.

As a life long learner other seminars have impacted me greatly also, yet I am so grateful that my parents invested in me at age 14, and gave me the opportunity to understand the mind, and grow in a seminar environment. I am so grateful that those seminar leaders were passionate about their work and helped me to discover what a winning mindset really looked like.  There is magic that happens in a seminar room, as people learn together through a saturation immersion experience.

I believe that Seminars really are the way forward.  Seminars have helped me to overcome challenges and obstacles. Seminars enable me to be transformed.  Seminars allowed me to change my thoughts, my mind, my body and my life.

I strive to attend a seminar every year, and find seminars so invaluable to my life and my growth. Seminars keep me expanding no learning.  Seminars put me into an environment with motivated and excited individuals that also want a better life.  Seminars stretch me emotionally and mentally.  They force me to see things differently.

Seminars are great for two lots of people.

1/ The first are those who have issues and problems that hold them back.  There are internal conflicts or unresolved issues of the past.  This group of people have tried to rid themselves of their issue, and have been unsuccessful.  Seminars can and will help this group of people.

2/ The second group are those who are happy and content with where they are, however they have goals and dreams that they don’t want to wait for.  In other words that want to find a way to have their goals happen faster.  To speed up their progress and success.

Seminars can and will help this group of people also.

I will continue to utilise the power of seminars and my invitation to all is to think about where you currently are in your life right now. Think of weakenesses or issues of the past that hold you back. Just as my stutter was affecting my ability to socialise, progress and succeed, so too will you have an impediment, limited belief or fear that is affecting your progress?  If this is true for you, please consider the possibility that a seminar is your way forward.

If your life is wonderful in every respect, why not create something new and exciting.  A seminar will show you how to get to that next level of mind and emotion.  We will manufacture a significant emotional event, and we will see if we cannot help you design a bright and compelling future.

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