The positive effects of a good Morning Routines.

April 28, 2017

How do the rich, highly motivated and successful start their day?

Tony Robbins starts his day with a routine that includes visualisation, a prayer of gratitude, and breathing exercises.

Tim Ferris has a morning routine, and so do thousands of really successful people worldwide.

Joe Dispenza has a 2 hour meditation routine.

Wim Hof does breathing techniques and cold exposure as his morning routine.

How about you?  How do you begin your day?

Having done a 2 hour morning routine for more than 18 months, I have created an effective way of creating success in my own life.  This one routine has been responsible for keeping the transformation I had at the Tony Robbins seminar in 2015 going.  Is it hard to consistently do a morning routine?  How does one create an effective routine that puts one into a winning mindset, and also does the following.

– promotes great health.

– stretches yourself emotionally.

– Gives purpose and creates meaning for life.

– puts you into a winning mindset.

Please join with me at my workshops and seminars, or look into some private coaching sessions so that we can discuss these key issues, and make plans and goals around implementing a more empowering way to begin your day.

The effects in my life.  Exceptional health.  Exceptional motivation.  Phenomenal Marriage.  Render large amounts of service.  Created more HAPPINESS.  More positive outlook.  Greater level of belief in what is possible.  Deeper friendships and closer relationships.  Deeper feelings, including increased spiritual feelings.  Ultimately my life has improved in every imaginable, conceivable way.

In one word, practicing a morning ritual has led to outstanding PROGRESS.

The best way to create more PROGRESS in life, is through daily incremental growth, building layer upon layer over time.

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