Are you invisible, or are you Front and Centre

April 7, 2017
There once was a man who walked into a doctors surgery. The doctor asked him, “what seems to be the problem?”
The man replied, “no one listens to me, it’s like I’ not even here”.
The doctor shouted toward the hallway, “NEXT”.

Some feel like they just don’t matter, yet others seem to live in the spotlight. It is as if they are on a joyous adventure in which they, the main character enjoy all the rich abundance of life. Opportunities seem to find them and things seem to fall into their lap. Some even fall into the trap of believing that they are indispensable.

The poet wrote these words about the indispensable man.

Sometimes when you’re feeling important,
when your ego is in elegant bloom,
when you naturally take it for granted
that you are the best in the room,
when you feel that your sudden departure
would leave an unfillable hole,
just follow this simple example
and see how it humbles your soul.

Take a bucket and fill it with water.
Put your hand in up to your wrist.
Remove it, and the hole remaining
is a measure of how you,ll be missed.
You can splash all you want as you enter,
stir up the water galore,
but stop and you’ll find in a moment
it looks quite the same as before.

The moral to this quaint example
is to do just the best that you can.
Be proud of yourself but remember,
there is not an indispensable.

So here we see both extremes, one unseen and another believing that he is indispensable.

Which is better? My answer is neither, as both could be in the exact same situation if neither knows “who they are”!

The old proverb states, “KNOW THYSELF”.

If one filled with pride and ego, he could do with a dose of humility. If another has deflated self-worth, or loneliness, or depression, or poverty, they too may be full of pride and ego. I can almost hear the objections of those in humble circumstances, refuting such a prideful and judgmental comment.

True humility is not about having less or being less. It is not about how many burdens we can endure, or how much suffering we can take. Humility is about realising that we are dependent on our creator. Some call this, God, source, our higher self, the universe or the God within. Whatever your religious beliefs are, know that grace is extended each of us, and there are invisible forces that can help us find purpose and meaning in life.

Whatever you believe, this innate universal feeling that we can find purpose and meaning in life, tells me that it must be true. With this in mind, one of your purposes in life should be to discover who you really are, and how you can become ALL you were DESTINED to become.

Your commitment to yourself is to discover who you really are, unlock your incredible self and unleash THAT on the world.

The solution to both of these conditions, therefore, one who always gets what they want, and the other who never gets what they one, is the same.

Once we know who we are, then we can unlock our divine potential and unleash THAT on the world. The world needs you and I to discover and release our FULL potential. Always remember that it was by the Grace of God that we are able to reach and consistently deliver THAT potential.

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