Children and Family – how can I do it all.

February 19, 2017

I heard a magnificent talk that really caused me to reflect on my own family. It caused me to consider just how important, deserving and wonderful my own children are.  Often my career aspirations, goals, ambition, and other interests demand my attention and focus.  At the same time I know that my immediate family relationships, my wife and children should be central in our lives, and must receive attention and focus.


The reason I say this is that money will come and go. Often work colleagues come and go. Success in work, or ability to make lots of money will satisfy in the short term, yet I know that long term fulfilment is best when there is someone to share it with. My goal is to have a fantastic and rewarding career, to have a strong and healthy body, and to have an empowering mission and purpose in life, whilst maintaining a strong and happy home.  I do not want to achieve success in career, to the detriment of my family.  One wise man said, “No success in life can compensate for failure in the home”.


Climbing the corporate ladder, and spending more time at work, and even thinking about work when at home with the family can be damaging to those precious interpersonal relationships.  Diligence, focus and commitment are necessary to move our career, our work and our desires in a powerful and positive direction. The high achiever will often succeed in whatever they put their mind to. What we must learn to do is consistently evaluate our lives to ensure that those people who matter most, get all that the time and focus they need.


After listening to this talk I did some service in the community as I regularly do, and as I was serving I thought about my own family whom I was not spending time with at that moment.  Giving of my time, talents and energy to others gives me a feeling of fulfilment and creates feelings of happiness.  Contribution, is one of the needs of the spirit, and as such provides feelings of fulfilment.


I love it when I see the faces of others light up when they are touched, moved, and inspired by something that is being said or done.  This is a priceless thing, and I am eager to serve and help others. When the light bulb goes on I see the shift. I call these “Ah hah moments”. The person has now shifted their thinking about something.  Perhaps a limiting belief was resolved.  Perhaps they now believe that something is possible.  Perhaps they think and feel differently about themselves.  Perhaps they have resolved a conflict in their mind.


Whatever the “ah hah moment” is, it gives me great joy and dives me to do more for the community and others whom I meet.


I also was reminded today that my family also needs to have those “ah hah moments”. They also need a dad to be there for them. They need a father who lets them know by word and action that they are important.


Last night spent that time with my boys and was present with them. I told them stories at night and was fully engaged with them. I am grateful that I have such great health so that I have the energy to not only serve the world, but to serve my own family. I love all of my children and my family is my priority.


To repeat that quote, “No other success in life can compensate for failure in the home”.


However busy we are. However pressed for time. No matter how much good you do in the world, remember to look after your family.


Part 2.


Several weeks have passed.  I have now made some new commitments and taken some new actions with my children.


I am spending time each week exercising, spending time with them at night and making this a focus in my life.  I realise that I need to be there with them and be there for them.

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