Have you got all the energy you need to get you through your day?

September 12, 2016

Energy is defined as the strength and vitality required to sustain physical or mental activity.


Energy is required to fuel our body and to stimulate our mind. Does energy come from the food we eat, or does it come from the mind?

We have all heard stories of incredible individuals who were able to push through fatigue, exhaustion, hunger and other deprivations to reach their goal.

In the Queensland Police Service if a member wants to qualify for the Special Emergency Response Team, he or she must undergo a final test that involves deprivation of food, shelter and sleep over a period of three days.  The test is extremely difficult and many fail.  How is it that those who pass this test can still function? 

The answer is mental toughness and the will to succeed.  Energy abounds in those who have a big enough “WHY”.  Those who survived concentration camps attest that survival is a mental, and not a physical condition.  Even when the body lacks nutrition and fuel for energy, the body is still able to somehow produce energy. 

In Understanding energy, we first need to understand that our mind plays an integral part in determining out energy levels.  Therefore we could say that the energy in our body is ultimately determined by our mind.  There is great power of positive thinking, motivation, determination and commitment. Positive thinking, drive, determination and commitment are all derivatives of decisions. 

Once we have made a decision we can choose to be positive and this creates energy.  Once we have made a decision we can be driven by it.  We can use our determination to make ourselves do all that is necessary to ensure we live accordingly.  Once we have made a decision we can hold ourselves to a high level of commitment until we captured the dream, goal or outcome.  It is our mind that creates our energy.

All of the foods that enter your body will be converted into fuel, and this fuel will assist the body to produce energy.  The body is an incredible machine that can withstand tremendous abuse in the form of poor food choices and still perform, for a time.   Even the greatest mind, filled with positive excitement will eventually weaken and lose its ability to fight off disease.   If we make poor food choices over extended periods of time we will erode our health to the point where we are experience pain.   This could come in the form of sickness, or in the form of disease.

A man I know was committed and driven by his work and a powerful need to accumulate wealth.  He had a young family, wife and tremendous financial goals.  In order to reach those goals he had 2 full time jobs.  He described to me that he forced his body to work about 20 yours per day.  This meant that he would rest for only  2-4 hours per night.  He was eating poorly and at odd hours.  He neglected his health through vitamin and mineral deficiency, and fatigue.  After several years of living this way hit a wall.  He collapsed into a heap and was unable to work at all.  He had the desire, the motivation, the drive, the commitment and the determination.  He was also positive about what he was doing and why.  Yet his body could no longer be sustained through mental exertion, and he had reached his breaking point.

In the end he pushed his body too hard, too often and he paid a price.  He was working at night as a taxi driver and was experiencing micro naps whilst driving.  The fatigue coupled with lack to nutrition turned into the development of sleeping problems.  He was unable to continue this career as he had many close calls where he almost killed himself and his passengers.  Imagine driving at top speeds and suffering from micro naps.  He was forced by his own body to stop what he was doing.  At this same time he found that he could no longer concentrate and he had lost other skills and abilities.  His health affected more than his body, and his mind also paid a price.  He did not fuel his body appropriately and therefore he was forced to SLOW DOWN.

Exhaustion is the depletion of energy, meaning that we have no more strength or vitality left in that moment.  What he suffered was far worse.  His body was totally dysfunctional and full of disease.  He was very sick, and after a visit to the doctor he stopped everything, and was told to focus on his health.  He listened and is in the process of rebuilding himself.

In short the mind can do tremendous things, yet the body must be adequate fueled, otherwise we may pay the price later in life.

 Wherever you currently are, it is possible to improve health, and increase the amount of usable energy.  In the latest workshop I described how energy levels can be increase.  Modern research from sports science describes the best ways to create energy sustainable throughout the entire day.  These test work regardless of the age of the individual.  ATP is adenosine triphosphate. It is universal biological molecule which stores usable energy.  ATP levels can be rapidly increased by good food choices and interval training.  I was able to discuss this process in the last workshop, and then speak with the unconscious mind of each participant, to create change at an unconscious level.

I described and how rapidly declining energy can lead to pain.  Declining health can lead to pain.  Declining mobility can lead to pain.

Adversely, i described how increasing energy can lead to pleasure.  It means that one can work a full day, and then have energy at night.  It means that one can increase output and focus.  It means that one can increase ability to grow and contribute to the world in a powerful way.  It means that one can live a long and healthy life.

So ask yourself “why do I want more energy, and what will having lasting energy do for me?”  How will having more energy improve the quality of my life?

The steps are simple and effective.  The turnaround can be rapid.  The results could just give you back that ZEST for life you are wanting.

AccessWorldSeminars is committed to helping people to experience higher levels of energy in life.

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