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April 22, 2016

How fast can you run toward a pine box?


I recall a radio celebrity once say, “Your heart only has a certain number of beats, when that runs out, you die.  That is why I choose not to exercise”.


Others say, “You’ve gotta die of something”, as they finish their third piece of chocolate cake.


No one has a crystal ball and yet most people can tell you about the 92 year old relative who drank and smoked all their life.


When it comes to the subject of health, there are so many books, opinions, reports, studies, youtube videos and differing doctors’ opinions that it is overwhelming.  Even the government has given us the food pyramid, which books today warn about.  After viewing all the contradictory information it is difficult to decide what to do and what to eat.


The biggest changes over the last 20 years have been to do with carbohydrates and fats.  Healthy fats are now good and excess carbohydrates are now bad.  Excess carbohydrates and sugar are believed to be the main causes behind the obesity and diabetic epidemic we are now facing.  For another example of dietary shifting sands, one doctor advises that more than one banana per day is bad for your health.  Meanwhile there is a fit attractive woman that recently hit youtuve who is eating 30 plus bananas per day and looks to be in fantastic shape.  Paleo, vegan and vegetarian will all tell you that their diet is the best.


So what do we do?  Where do we turn for answers?  Should I even focus on my health?


If you and I choose not to focus on our health, you may see sickness and disease in our future.  If you choose a path, and on that journey neglect your health, you may not even arrive at your destination.  If you don’t know what your destination is, then I suppose health does not matter.  However if you have clear and defined goals.  If you have a clear, bright and compelling future, then you will need to fuel your body so that you can arrive in great shape.


My recommendation is to find someone with tonnes of energy.  If you find someone who is 40 and feels like they are 20, maybe they are doing something right.  Alternately find someone who is your age and looks and feels great.


Just ask them what they are doing.  Chances are that they eat predominately vegetables, salads and fruit.  They probably eat very little or even no meat.  They probably eat very little processed food or dairy products.  They don’t eat cow’s milk.  They probably eat nuts and avocadoes and olives for the healthy oils.  They probably eat very little sugar.  They probably eat all of their greens.


This should give you a start and a clue to health.  You can turn your life around by running away from that pine box and straight into the fruit and veg shop.  Your life may depend on it.

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