The Ripple effect.

February 5, 2016

I invited a good friend to be part of my morning routine.  During part of this routine we engage in affirmations with movement.  As this friend began to speak he moved his body in powerful ways and asked that his Maker would use him in powerful ways.  He concluded with the words, “I will be your ripple effect”.

Whatever you are. Whatever you do. Whatever you say, people are watching.

I recall Steven covey the author and leadership expert once said, “Who you are speaks so loudly it does not matter what you say”. Others get a sense for who we are and what we are, even before we open our mouth.

When we do speak, our words are confirmed by what we do and how we act. What we say is secondary. Inconsistency between words and action will let others know we cannot be trusted and are not reliable.

While human beings fall short of perfection, there is no excuse for not striving to improve the current situation. There is no excuse for not even striving to increase your capacity to love, forgive, overcome and move forward with hope. There is no excuse pretending you are doing well whilst sitting stagnant. You fool no one.

Once again, “who you are speaks so loudly it does not matter what you say”.  The word authenticity is used to describe this genuine honesty as one interacts with life and others.

Now, I am going to tell you about the impact that has occurred in my life in the last several months. In September 2015 I attended a seminar which was run by Tony Robbins. As a result of this seminar two beliefs changed inside me. The first belief was, “I don’t know enough”. The second belief was “I’m not ready”. After eliminating these dis-empowering beliefs I was able to create two new beliefs that have ignited an engine of power in my life. These beliefs were, “I know everything I need to know in order to transform the lives of those around me”. The second belief is, “I am ready for the world to know who Joshua Roy is”.

These “new beliefs” have completely transformed my world. The blog “breathing life” is an example of the changes that are occurring in my life and in those around me. Others are being touched, moved and inspired to create changes in their own lives.

Following an introductory seminar that I held I received feedback that was very encouraging. One elderly man thanked me for reigniting his passion. This elderly man had always wanted a small hobby farm, and yet his dream had never been fulfilled. He told me that how excited he was to make this dream a reality.

Another stated that due to the seminar and the way he felt he had decided to buy a house. He stated that the decision began straight after the seminar because he saw what was possible for him and his life.

Another stayed awake almost all night after the seminar thinking about his life and future. It had stirred such fire and passion inside him.

Another came to me straight after the seminar asking for private work and I met with him a few days later. I have never seen any person in my life as excited as this man was. It was almost scary and I could not stop laughing. I also lost myself in the excitement. It was so authentic that the feeling we shared created a strong bond of friendship and love.

Another stated that he felt so motivated with health that his diet changed dramatically.

Others report motivation, improved health, and desire to improve.

I received a phone call the other day from a woman who represented Tony Robbins and she wanted to invite me to the next Tony Robbins event.  She had asked me how the excitement levels in my life were. I explained to her that my excitement levels have increased.  I explained that I am more excited today then I was when the Tony Robbins event concluded.

She told me that of all the people she had contacted I was the first person to describe that my excitement levels had improved.

I also know why.

1/         I discovered my purpose.

2/         I have a belief inside that “I am ready”, and “I know everything that I need to know to fulfil my purpose”.

3/         I prime myself every day for excitement, joy and success.

4/         I give of myself and serve others.

5/         I love life and I am full of passion.

As a result of living this way so many people in my life are making improvements to their lives.  I could not even being to describe the extent of this impact.  I realise that there is ripple effects attached to every life.  When we live a small life, those ripples are small.  As we expand who we are those ripples become like crashing waves and others around us are touched, moved and inspired to make changes, and to transform their lives.

The next event is on the 20th of February 2016.  For information about this event please contact  I will be passing on the transformational information that I have received, and am committed to cause a ripple effect whereby others can “unlock their incredible self”.

If there are limiting beliefs holding you back?  If you believe that you are not much good or just average, let us at accessworld seminars help you to discover who you really are. We would love to help you to discover who you were born to be.

Remember, “Your commitment to yourself is to discover who you really are. Unlock your incredible self and unleash that on the world.

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