Pain is just an emotion!

February 2, 2016

My Karate instructor would regularly repeat the phrase “Pain is just an emotion”.  I was lying on my back with my knees up and my karate instructor was standing nearby.  I knew what was coming next.  I saw him do what he was about to do many times before to senior grades in the Karate class.  Now that I had joined their ranks it was time for me to receive intense abdominal training.


I was 15 years old.  We had just completed a couple of hundred sit ups, and when I saw him step to my side I flexed my abdominal muscles as hard as I could.  I then saw my instructor jump as high as he could into the air.  He then landed on my stomach heels first.  I felt the impact and it hit like a sledge hammer.  Wind escaped my lungs and I might have even farted.  There was also pain.  It hurt a lot to have that type of impact hit my body.  Thankfully the pain did not stay, and due to the conditioning work that we did I was able to withstand this heavy impact.


This is just one example of body conditioning work that we did in Kyokushinkai Karate, a style that was nicknamed as “The Strongest Karate”.  The word Kyokushinkai was translated to mean “Society for the ultimate truth”.


I remember my Karate instructor teaching us that “Pain is just an emotion”.  He would then proceed to do conditioning work to strengthen our mind and body.  One of my friends turned to me and said, “It’s not a very nice emotion”.  I laughed as the punishment began.


As I have been learning and practicing NLP I have recently learned how complex and brilliant the human nervous system is.  It was suggested that it is the most complex system known to man, other than the galaxy itself.  One of its function is to give us signals when something is in need of rest and repair.  One of these signals is pain.


Pain protects the body from further damage and reminds us of our limitations.  I have learned in my life to listen to my body and not to push through certain types of pain.  Refusal to listen to pain can result in significant injury, and can have lasting consequences.


There are other types of pain that are long lasting, debilitating, and may reduce the quality of life.  This type of pain may last for days, weeks, months or years.  The good news is that if “pain is just an emotion”, emotions can be mastered.  Pain can be eliminated.  The injury may still be there, and the client can be pain free.  Now it is necessary to remember to favour that part of the body because pain does actually serve a purpose.  However what if there was a way to reduce the pain so that life can became manageable again?  What if life could become tolerable?  What if excessive pain could be eliminated?


I have recently learned a method of pain reduction, or pain elimination that is effective and has worked for me 100% thus far.  The beauty of this is that it works for physical pain, and also emotional pain because I believe that our unconscious mind does not distinguish between the two.


I was told that this will work with chronic pain and also with other conditions like PTSD.  For now I am happy to work with low to mid-level pain and practice the process and build my confidence in its results.


When I learn something new that can make a huge impact I just experiment and practice it like a maniac.  In just one day the following were resolved.


1/         headache.

2/         ear ache.

3/         lower back kidney pain.

4/         Period related cramping.

5/         upper arm pain.

6/         Old broken wrist injury.


After performing the process each person related to me that the pain was eliminated except for the wrist injury.  He stated that the pain had reduced from 5 out of 10, to 1 out of 10 as soon as the process was completed.  (My thoughts are that it may be a good idea to hang on to a little pain to remind us to favour that part of the body.  I still consider that this process was an overwhelming success, and this made a huge difference for this man).


I also experimented with tiredness and to my delight it worked.  The two people whom I did it on both commented they felt much better and the tired feeling was gone.


I also used the process on one man that has had to deal with the pain of loss.  After completing the process he stated to me that he seemed happier and as he searched inwardly for the pain it was gone.


Many people have a reason to hang onto pain.  One woman described that she believes that the chronic pain she experiences is necessary as a test that God requires her to endure.  She has suffered for many years in constant pain.  This has also led her into depression and other such feelings.


My beliefs are the polar opposite and pain to me is a choice.  There are processes and techniques that really do access the nervous system and the brain, and create a new signal.  This new signal can be reduced pain.  This signal can also be “pain free”.  Why not choose something different?

Painful Man Holding Neck on Isolated Background

Painful Man Holding Neck on Isolated Background

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