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February 9, 2016

I was working with a woman this morning who is very happy, excited and motivated.  She has clear goals and a vision of her future.  She is confident, committed and driven.


She had no doubt that she could achieve her financial goals.  She had no doubt that she could achieve her physical health goals.  She had no doubt she could complete her relationship goals and all the areas of her life.  


Why on earth would she invest her time with a life coach?  It seems unnecessary, right?  I mean she is achieving success and happiness.  She has developed her personality and talents.  She is learning and growing.  What then could a life coach offer?


Life coaching is not just for the downhearted and depressed.  I have worked with those dealing with separation and divorce.  I have provided coaching for the overweight and financially destitute.  Life coaching is obviously for a person with many obstacles and challenges to overcome.  What about a person who seems like they are succeeding in every area or aspect of life.  What can life coaching possibly do for such a person?


Firstly.  Wake up.  No one on this planet has it all together.  No one has all the answers all of the time.  The road of life as we know it is full of pot holes, rubble and obstacles.  The next obstacle is about to come into focus any day now.  There are areas of your life in which you are not living up to your full potential.   


The seemingly flat periods of life allow us time to reflect on the past, enjoy the present and prepare for the future.


One man who enlisted the services of a life coach got his 3 year financial goals in just 3 months.  He was already doing fantastic, however by utilising the tools and skills that a life coach can offer, he was able to augment the process, and get his goal sooner.  MUCH SOONER.


Therefore one way in which a life coach can help is by accelerating the speed of growth, by enabling the client to confront and resolve issues rapidly utilising the latest technologies for changes such as Neurological Re-patterning.    


Another reason to work with a life coach when things are great is to utilise the storehouse principle.  


In the 2011 floods in Brisbane Queensland, one of the news channels ran a story about a couple who were cut off from the shops and stranded at their home for almost a week.  They were an elderly couple who did not have access to mobile phones and other services.  They were all alone.  In the story it stated that they were starving.  Now, what is interesting is that their home did not get flooded. They just had very little or no food in the home.  The pantry was empty and due to the loss of power they had lost food due to no refrigeration.  As I thought about this story, I recognised the necessity of having a pantry or a “storehouse”.  A place where we can put extra when times of plenty, in preparation of times of need.


This example is concerned with food but can be applied to all areas of life.  Physical health, mental health, emotional health, financial health and spiritual health.  We must prepare against the vicissitudes of life that encroach upon us.  Don’t wait for the car to break down before getting the service.  Don’t wait for the heart attack before you think about your health.  Don’t wait for the divorce papers to land on your lap before you decide to work on your relationship.


Yet another reason to have a life coach during the seemingly flat periods of life is to keep our levels of excitement rocketing, and to unlock the unconscious part of ourselves.


The woman that I did some work with was already happy, excited and motivated.  During the session she learned how to create greater levels of happiness in her body.  I shared with her a process for tapping into the unlimited resources within.  We spoke about her goals and desires and I asked her to imagine that she had achieved her heart’s desire.  She got really excited and wanted to jump with joy and let it out. (I told her that was what we were about to do, yet I had her firstly visualise herself jumping with excitement).  I could see her moving as she was visualising.  It was as if she could not stand still or contain herself.  She was absorbed in the process and was feeling energy and excitement filling her body.  I could see the excitement as I watched her face, smile and countenance.  


Next we let the excitement out together and jumped and moved and exerted an enormous amount of energy.  


Most people that I have done this with in the past generally only jump once or twice.  She was very animated and jumped and jumped and jumped.  She was yelling with excitement and did not hold anything back.  I could see her desire to stretch emotionally and this was fantastic, and her actions communicated to me that she was ready for more powerful processes.


So I asked her to allow herself to really do something great.  This “great” thing was for her to allow her unconscious self to communicate.  At first she was uncertain of what I was asking, however I knew that she was ready and that she was about to unlock something great within her.  I demonstrated what I meant by repeating several affirmations that I use daily.  These affirmations were attached to movement.  One could call them “incantations”.  These had come to me through the process that I was teaching her, and I was excited to see what her unconscious mind had in plan for her.


I watched her concentrating and she did so for about a minute.  Then she exploded into movement.  Amongst other things, she shouted the words … ”I am talented, I am brilliant, I can move mountains,”


She had moved and used every part of her soul and I could see that she was completely invested.  After it finished she told me that she felt “GREAT”.  She also explained that she was going to have a “FANTASTIC DAY”.


Why excitement?  I believe that excitement is a fantastic state that allows us to stretch emotionally.  Regularly accessing the emotion excitement while jumping and moving has helped me to feel more love, joy, peace and happiness throughout each day.


Once again, there are at least four compelling reasons to invest with a life coach.  


1/ There is an area of your life in which you are not living up to your full potential.  Let’s get the unconscious mind engaged and conspiring for your success.  


2/ Skills and knowledge to augment the goal process and make goals happen sooner.  This is achieved by erasing dis-empowering beliefs and implanting a new belief system directly into the unconscious mind.


3/ Create a “storehouse” of success and achievement in good times so that when the challenges come you will have the belief, tools and ability to hand it with ease.


4/ Emotional mastery.  Access excitement.  Access Love.  Access peace.  Access Your WORLD.


Why don’t you give us here at Access World Seminars a try?

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