Committment to HEALTH goals.

January 26, 2016

As I have spoken to people of all ages and of all different walks of life one recurring theme continually finds its way into conversation.  This theme is HEALTH.

Teens constantly talk about Abs.  The boys and girls want well defined and flat stomachs.  They want the type of HEALTH that will give them exceptional ‘Selfies’, and a stunning body.

Young adults want to be in great shape to attract the girl/guy of their dreams.  They want to look and feel great to impress the opposite sex.  To turn heads and break hearts.

The middle age want the HEALTH to keep up with energetic and hyperactive children.  They want health that enables them to work and then be there for their family.  To still have energy after a long day at work, so their family will receive all of the love and care they deserve.

The older generation want HEALTH to prolong their lives.  To be able to enjoy association with their children and grandchildren for many years.

HEALTH is really a subject in which everyone wants something.  Some want more ENERGY.  Others want greater levels of FITNESS.  Other want greater STRENGTH.  Others desire more FLEXIBILITY in stubborn joints.  Others want Muscle DEFINITION.

Whatever the desire is, it is a never-ending pursuit and therefore a never-ending journey.

ACCESSWORLDSEMINARS can help.  We are committed to helping others to make their HEALTH goals a reality.

We are committed to helping you to ‘unlock your incredible self’.

When we consider our physical HEALTH it is important to understand that there are other areas of HEALTH in our lives that directly impact our life and wellbeing.

I am referring to mental HEALTH, emotional HEALTH, and spiritual HEALTH.

Where ACCESSWORLDSEMINARS excels is in its ability to help its clients create lasting change in terms of HEALTH.  We do this by utilising disciplines such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), NAC (Neuro Associative Conditioning), and Neurological Re-patterning.  Assisting others to create habits for growth and lasting change without all the effort, stress and worry is our area of expertise.

Just imagine a world in which you are not white knuckling your issues.  Imagine if addiction had no place in you.  Imagine how life might transform if empowering beliefs were planted into your mind and heart.

Several months ago I worked with a female who had a sugar addiction.  Several processes later she described life in the following way.   She explained that she would snack constantly on chocolate, pastry and ice-cream.  She visited Jenny Craig many times and realised that she needed the structure and accountability they provided.  She believed that she could not eat a healthy diet on her own.  She got great results from Jenny Craig and these changes only lasted a short amount of time.  Whenever she stopped the program she found that she would begin putting weight back on.  After working one on one with Joshua ROY from accessworld Seminars she stated, “I learned what sugar looked like to my subconscious.  I realised that I was allowing sugar to control my HEALTH.  Due to my sugar addiction I was tired and sick a lot.  I learned that the quantity of processed sugar that is consumed in most diets in westernised countries causes’ ill-health.  I decided that I needed to give up sugar but did not know how.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I was ready to give up and accept that this was my life.  Since I worked with Joshua ROY I have been able to give up refined sugar.  I have changed my diet to a more natural way of eating and I feel great.  I wake up feeling refreshed.  I have energy to be with my kids.  I have even been out with my family at night and had so much fun which has been a surprise to me because I have not been able to do that in years.  I have lost 7 kilos.  My hair and nails are better than they have been in years and overall HEALTH has improves considerably.  I have hope for a long healthy life and have no desire to allow sugar to control my life”.

If you can relate to this example in any area of your life, Accessworldseminars is delighted to inform you that we are available to provide support and assistance.

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